Dr. Greiche Glass (AlHashem)
Dr. Greiche Glass (AlHashem)
Description :

If I told you about a company that provides high-quality glass and collaborates with leading business

names like Toyota, Ghabbour, Hassan Allam, Talaat Moustafa Group, and Orascom, everyone would

certainly look them up. In this case, the company is Dr. Greiche Glass, one of the pioneering and

distinguished companies in glass processing in the Middle East and Africa region.

Dr Greiche provides premium glass solutions across several sectors including automotive, construction,

interior design, home appliances, lighting, and security, in addition to glass installation services.

The company's brand enjoys wide recognition as its products have spread to over 40 countries

worldwide. Dr. Greiche has evolved its glass definitions beyond just a transparent solid material to

high-performance products that guarantee protection, thermal and sound insulation, and energy efficiency.

What Makes Dr. Greiche Glass Stand Out?

There are several reasons to choose Dr. Greiche Glass, including:

  • Their ability to bend and process larger-than-usual glass dimensions, ensuring the production of a wide variety of innovative glass products.

  • The company philosophy focuses on customer satisfaction and after-sales services, leading to long-term partnerships with its clients.

  • Dr. Greiche has its own laboratories implementing cutting-edge quality control procedures to guarantee excellent products.

Glass Products Offered by Dr. Greiche

Dr Greiche Glass provides a diverse range of products such as laminated glass, tempered glass, sound

insulation glass, with varying dimensions, colors, and thickness based on each client's requirements and

project needs. The company also commits to offering the best prices, continuously monitoring the

market to ensure price competitiveness while maintaining high quality.

Dr. Greiche with Forsa Egypt: Pay on Installments Offers and Discounts

Dr Greiche Glass places product quality and customer service at the core of its priorities, with advanced

technical capabilities and quality labs equipped with the latest technologies. Not only that, the company

has offered its products to the public with discounts and plans to pay in installments and enjoy

the ‘buy now pay later’ concept.

Therefore, Dr. Greiche partnered with Forsa Egypt, the easiest installment platform in Egypt, enabling

everyone to obtain all their needed glass products from Dr. Greiche through interest-free installments.

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Dr. Greiche Glass (AlHashem)
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