Samo Hagras Couture
Samo Hagras Couture
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Samo Hejres is known as one of the most important fashion designers in the Arab world, who has been keen to work in women's fashion since 2007. He began his career as an interior designer and then work with some of the most well-known fashion designers in the Arab world, to begin his career in the field of fashion, Samo Hejres has been keen to present the latest models of dresses, wedding dresses, and formal dresses.

If you are a fan of excellence and are looking for elegant and distinctive bridal dresses in 2022, then the selection of designer Samo Hejres’ dress designs is the best for you, as he offers the best unique and varied designs between modern and classic, which depend on the finest materials to produce unique bridal gowns.

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Samo Hagras Couture
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