Blue Box
Blue Box
Description :

Bluebox is a company that specializes in electronics and digital products. The company is considered one of the largest electronic exhibitions, which includes a variety of products from different brands.

Its products are distinguished by their high quality and competitive prices, and the company works to' provide all original luxuries and accessories to meet the needs of its customers. The most prominent products:

  • Mobiles.

  • Laptops.

  • Tablets.

  • Smartwatches.

  • Mobile accessories.

Forsa Egypt provides you with the ability to shop online and buy now pay later the latest electronics from Bluebox in

installments. The site offers many facilities and installment offers without any complicated procedures to

suit all customers. You can also pay the installments over the longest possible period and without

a down payment. For more information, contact us now or download the Forsa Egypt app.

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The awaited offer to shop more, Install up to 12 months triple zero
Blue Box
Install up to 12 Months 0% Interest, 0% Purchase Fees & 0% Down Payment Blue Box


Expires06 mai 2024