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The XPRS Store is one of the most important representatives of Apple, which was established more than 25 years ago. It has a wide range of products to suit different customer needs, which are guaranteed and affordable from mobile phones, audio devices, laptops, wearables, game consoles, and accessories. XPRS stores are integrated units of electronic device services, where you may find:

  • Jim chair.

  • smartwatch.

  • Computer accessories.

  • Smartphone.

  • Gaming chairs.

  • Ps4.

  • Ps5.

  • Gaming Consoles.

Forsa Egypt can make it easier for you to purchase from XPRS stores, by purchasing online through the site with the availability of many installment payment systems over the longest possible period and without a down payment. Contact us now for more information or download the Forsa Egypt app.

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UP TO 6 Months Triple ZERO MARCH 23 - XPRS
UP TO 6 Months Triple ZERO MARCH 23 - XPRSXPRS

UP TO 6 Months Triple ZERO MARCH 23 - XPRS

Expires31 mars 2023