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Furniture is a key element in shaping the aesthetics of a home and creating a unique interior design style

that gives character to a space. Therefore, Tagoury's House, one of the most established furniture stores

in Egypt, is keen on providing the most elegant furniture designs and luxurious décor that combine

opulence and high quality to cater to all tastes.

Established in 1910, Tagoury's House has become one of the leading companies in the furniture sector.

Over more than a century of operation, it has maintained its reputation as the favorite destination for

home furniture and décor aficionados in Egypt.

Despite the importance of furniture and décor, the continuously rising prices have become an obstacle to

purchasing luxurious home furniture. Hence, Tagoury's House partnered with Forsa Egypt to offer

furniture installment plans over several months without interest and enjoy the ‘buy now pay later’ concept. 

What are the main advantages of Tagoury's House?

When purchasing home furniture, décor, or luxurious carpets from Tagoury's House, you can rely on

many features that make the shopping experience unparalleled, such as:

  • Warranty against manufacturing defects and excellent after-sales service.

  • Fast delivery within 48 hours.

  • Luxurious designs, some inspired by international artwork.

  • High-quality local materials and unique imported materials from their original sources.

  • A wide selection of styles ranging from modern to classic to a mix of both.

Products Available at Tagoury's House

Tagoury's House features a broad and diverse range of products available on their website and in their

store located in New Cairo's Down Town Mall. Key products at Tagoury's House include:

  • Diverse furniture pieces: from dining sets, chairs, and bookshelves to coffee tables, side tables, and TV units.

  • Signature accessories: from artificial plants to indoor décor, jewelry boxes to artwork, vases to lighting fixtures and mirrors.

  • Luxurious textiles: from Persian and handmade carpets to elegant plush cushions.

Tagoury's House Partnership with Forsa Egypt

Tagoury's House is an exceptional destination for those seeking to combine quality and elegance in their

home furniture. With over 100 years of history, the company continues to fulfill its vision in enhancing

customers’ quality of life and providing a unique, comfortable shopping experience.

To offer the best customer experience, Tagoury's House partnered with Forsa Egypt, the easiest

installment company in Egypt, to enable customers to purchase anything they desire through interest-

free installments and enjoy the concept of the ‘buy now pay later’.

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Up To 12 Months with 0% Interest
Install Up To 12 Months 0% InterestTAGOURY'S HOUSE


Expires25 mai 2024