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Switch Plus
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When asked about the most prominent technology and smartphone brands globally, Apple is the first

company that comes to mind. If you are an Apple enthusiast and looking for a professional and

integrated shopping experience, there is no doubt that Switch Plus is the ideal destination for you as one

of the best electronics stores in Egypt

Established in 1998, Switch Plus is the largest authorized reseller of Apple products in Egypt, owned by

Al-Safi Group, one of the largest and leading Egyptian companies in the technology sector. Currently,

Switch Plus partners with Forsa, the easiest installment company in Egypt, to enable the public to buy

the latest models of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and Apple accessories through installment plans.

About Switch Plus

Switch Plus is a specialized company that provides comprehensive services to Apple enthusiasts and

customers. With over 250 qualified employees and 15 branches spread across Egypt, all dedicated to

delivering the best Apple products and services to the Egyptian market.

Switch Plus serves both consumers and the business sector, making it the optimal choice to maximize

the benefits of the iOS ecosystem, whether you want an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple products.

The company is also an authorized Apple service provider, enabling it to offer maintenance, software support, and technical solutions for Apple products at the highest level.

Services Offered by Switch Plus

Switch Plus provides a wide range of outstanding services to its customers and anyone looking for

genuine Apple products, including:

  • An online store that offers a smooth shopping experience and home delivery.

  • Assisting customers in getting to know their new Apple products better.

  • After-sales services including maintenance, software support, and device support.

  • A complete range of genuine accessories for Apple products.

  • Diverse partnership programs with schools and companies, installment payment plans, iPhone and Mac exchange programs, and screen insurance programs.

  • Delivering the highest quality to customers, with all Apple products covered by a limited one-year warranty from the invoice date.

  • Excellent customer service through a call center that operates 12 hours a day to respond to customer inquiries.

Thanks to its experience and comprehensive services, Switch Plus has become one of the most well-known

brands for selling Apple products in Egypt and the Middle East, and it is the preferred destination for

those who want to enjoy an authentic experience with Apple products. 

Now, the experience has become even better and more tailored through the collaboration between

Switch Plus and Forsa Egypt, making all products available for purchase and installment without interest

and enjoying the BNPL concept. If you want to buy an Apple mobile phone or a laptop through

installments, join Forsa, the easiest installment company in Egypt.

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Switch Plus
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