Shamy Stores
Shamy Stores
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For all game lovers, enthusiastic gamers, and those who spend long hours in front of PlayStation

devices, don't miss out on this collaboration between Forsa Egypt platform, an installment payment

company, and Shamy Stores for electronic devices and games. This collaboration allows you to

purchase all your needs and pay in installments without a down payment, spread over several months.

The beginning of Shamy Stores was in 2001, when the Egyptian market was first introduced to electronic

gaming devices. Since then, a large fan base has been formed, allowing the company to expand and

become a beacon for the electronic gaming community in Egypt.

Why Buy from Shamy Stores for Video Games?

  • Because you can easily purchase all your needs at the best prices.

  • Because Shamy Stores offers the latest electronic gaming devices with all accessories and peripherals.

  • Because the company has more than one branch in Cairo and Alexandria, facilitating the purchasing process.

  • Because all available products are 100% original.

  • Because the company provides continuous technical support and after-sales services through its monitoring and technical support department.

  • Because Shamy Stores offers the market maintenance services by the most skilled "electromechanical" technicians ever.

What are Shamy Stores' Products?

  • Electronic Gaming Devices: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X, and the latest game releases.

  • Accessories and Peripherals: High-quality headsets, cooling fans, chargers, game controllers, as well as game-related figures, medals, and stickers.

Collaboration between Shamy Stores and Forsa Egypt

What's special about Shamy Stores is that they view it as a long-term partnership, not just a short-term

sales transaction. So, don't hesitate to shop from their store on the Forsa Egypt platform, the installment

company that will allow you to enjoy ‘Buy now pay later’, spreading your purchases over several months without interest.

Loan Amount
Down payment
Installment plan


Up To 36 Months with 0% purchase fees & discount on interest
Shamy Stores
Install Up to 36 Months 0% purchase fees & discount on interestShamy Stores


Expires31 juillet 2024