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In current economic conditions, purchasing mobile phones and electronics often requires a facilitator to

obtain desired items through installment plans without interest fees. This led to the partnership between

Forsa, one of the best financing companies in Egypt with the concept of buy now pay later, and Mobilaty,

one of the leading electronics stores in Egypt.

Since its launch in 2015, Mobilaty has become one of the foremost retailers of smart devices and

accessories in Egypt. It offers a diverse range of the latest smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming

consoles and accessories with top-tier specifications that suit all customers' needs and preferences across segments.

Why Shop at Mobilaty?

Mobilaty is a comprehensive electronics store focused on customer convenience. Here are some key

advantages that encourage financing mobile phones without interest or purchasing any electronics products from Mobilaty:

  • Large variety of the latest electronic devices from top brands like Samsung, HP, and Apple.

  • Fast delivery services for products across all areas of Egypt.

  • Competitive pricing and attractive deals and discounts.

  • Partnership with Forsa for easy installment payment options suited for all customers.

  • Dedicated after-sales support and technical assistance.

  • Multiple branches across Cairo, Giza and other governorates like Tanta, Zagazig, Sohag, Asyut, Mansoura and Alexandria.

Key Products at Mobilaty

Mobilaty offers a wide range of products beyond smartphones, laptops and tablets. These include:

  • Smart TVs and home appliances like blenders, grillers and coffee machines.

  • Xiaomi electric scooters.

  • Laptops and portable computers from various brands.

  • Tablets like iPad and Galaxy Tab.

  • Headphones and wireless earbuds from top brands.

  • Gaming consoles like PlayStation.

  • Device accessories like phone chargers.

Mobilaty has become one of the most popular electronics retailers in Egypt, ideal for those seeking to

purchase genuine products with warranty, and financing mobile phones without interest fees. If you wish

to buy electronics through installments, visit Mobilaty store on the Forsa platform, the best buy now pay later company in Egypt.

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Up To 24 Months with 0% purchase fees & discount on interest
Install Up to 24 Months 0% purchase fees & discount on interestMobilaty


Expires31 juillet 2024