King Phone
King Phone
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King Phone is a store specializing in selling all kinds of mobiles, Apple phones, and other brands. The store offers many offers and discounts. It also provides all types of mobile accessories, in addition to the presence of a support team specialized in immediate maintenance work for any type of mobile, using original spare parts at the best prices. Among the most important apple products in the store:

  • Apple tablet.

  • Apple iPad.

  • Apple AirPods.

  • Smartwatches.

  • MacBook.

iPhone installment online from the King Phone store through Forsa Egypt, where the site offers many different installment systems to suit all customers with the ability to pay installments over the longest possible period and without a down payment. Contact us now to pay interest-free mobile installments or download the Forsa Egypt app for more details.

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Up To 24 Months with 0% purchase fees & discount on interest
King Phone
Install Up to 24 Months 0% purchase fees & discount on interestKing Phone


Expires31 juillet 2024