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ElShokfy Company specializes in the distribution of electrical and electronic appliances, home appliances, and smartphones including the latest and most famous brands with a comprehensive warranty and the best prices for home appliances, air conditioning, Samsung mobiles, and Xiaomi phones. ElShokfy Company seeks to meet the needs and desires of its customers by providing the best services and having a professional customer service team to ensure a distinctive buying experience.

Forsa Egypt offers the possibility of obtaining all the products of ElShokfy Company for Trade and Distribution in installments by providing many installment payment systems with the longest possible payment period and without a down payment. You can contact us for more inquiries or download the Forsa Egypt application now.

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Up To 12 Months with 0% Interest / ElShokfy
Up To 12 Months, 0% Interest,0% Down PaymentElShokfy


Expires30 juin 2023