El Gazzar Store
El Gazzar Store
Description :

Al Jazzar Store is an authorized agent for the best types of mattresses. The store offers medical

mattresses and medical pillows with the finest materials, and the store is distinguished by its special

prices. The store offers many different products from bed mattresses in various shapes to soft

mattresses and mattress protectors. The store also provides home furniture such as desert sofas and

Lazy boy chairs, as well as mechanical beds. Some of the most popular mattress brands available are:

  • Habitat.

  • Englander.

  • Rich Home.

  • Sleep Hey.

  • Spring Air.

  • Janssen.

  • Taki.

  • Forbed.

You can now buy a bed mattress online and in installments from Al Jazzar Store through Forsa Egypt,

where the site offers many offers and installment systems to suit all customers without any complicated

procedures, and you can pay for the longest possible period and without a down payment.

For more information, contact us now or download the Forsa Egypt app.

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Up To 12 Months with 0% Interest / El Gazzar Store
El Gazzar Store
Up To 12 Months, 0% Interest,0% Down PaymentEl Gazzar Store

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Expires30 juin 2023