Ehab Center
Ehab Center
Description :

Ehab Center is an electrical and electronic appliances company founded in 1987 in Alexandria by Mr. Ehab Hammad (CEO), who has achieved overwhelming success in the field of home appliance supply and opened many other branches. We strive hard to reach employee satisfaction, develop their skills and customer satisfaction by providing our customers' needs at an appropriate price, giving them the best deal, choosing the best products, and providing additional services such as:

  • After-sales service.

  • Technical support for exclusive agents.

  • Delivery on agreed dates.

  • Fast delivery.

  • Various methods of payment including installments.

You can buy mobile phones in installments, air conditioners, washing machines, mobiles, televisions, sound systems, refrigerators, cookers, personal care, hair brushes, hair straightener brush, and dishwashers through Forsa Egypt, which is keen to provide many different installment systems and pay for the longest possible period. Contact us now or download the Forsa app for more information.

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Up To 36 Months with 0% purchase fees & discount on interest / Online
Ehab Center
Install Up to 36 Months 0% purchase fees & discount on interest / OnlineEhab Center


Expires30 juin 2024