Distingo Music Stores
Distingo Music Stores
Description :

Destingo Music Store is a musical instrument store, which is one of the best stores that sell musical instruments in Egypt. The equipment available in the store is characterized by high quality and the best prices in the Egyptian market, and there is a team of specialists in the store to help customers meet their needs and choose the most appropriate equipment for them. Among the most important musical instruments in the store:

  • Piano.

  • Guitar.

  • Drums.

  • Microphone.

  • Genelec studio monitors.

  • Electric guitar.

Forsa Egypt offers various installment payment systems to suit all customers buying from the Destingo Music Store, in addition to the ability to pay installments over the longest possible period and without a down payment. For more information, contact us now or download the Forsa app.

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Up To 12 Months with 0% purchase fees & discount on interest
Distingo Music Stores
Install Up to 12 Months 0% purchase fees & discount on interestDistingo Music Stores


Expires20 juillet 2024